This is a knowledge base on chemical synthesis using laboratory microwave reactors.

Application Reports on Microwave Synthesis

Here is a variety of chemical reactions successfully performed under microwave conditions. Click on an application of interest in order to download a PDF report containing further details. In addition, find a comprehensive list of scientific publications and textbooks on microwave synthesis.

Classical Organic Synthesis and Heterocycles

Benzofurochromenones and furoquinolinones
Benzothiazepines by Cu-catalyzed carbon-sulfur cyclization

Grignard Reaction

Pudovik reaction

Three-step synthesis of a channel blocker analogue

Metal-catalyzed Reactions

Heck coupling
Negishi coupling
Suzuki coupling

Multicomponent Reactions

Biginelli cyclocondensation
Kindler condensation


Benign synthesis of aluminophosphates
Cancer diagnosis with persistent luminescence nanoparticles

Carbon nitride quantum dots for mercury detection

Formation of CuInS2 nanoparticles by the oleylamine route
Improved synthesis of ZnS nanocrystals

Kinetic studies via X-ray diffraction
LiFePO4 nanocomposite cathodes for Li ion batteries

Magnetic nanocatalysts

Mixed metal oxide nanoparticles
Nano-catalysts for biofuel synthesis
Nanoprecipitation from starches
Preparation of Eu+3 doped nanomaterials

Platinum-doped TiO2 nanofibers and nanowires
Synthesis of CdSe quantum dots

Synthesis of Zinc selenide semiconductors

Thin films


Microwave heating in polymer science
Polymerization of acrylamide: online-monitoring via simultaneous IR/internal temperature measurement

Copoly(2-oxazoline)-based photoresists


Diels-Alder cycloaddition
Ionic liquid synthesis
Knoevenagel condensation
Newman-Kwart rearrangement
Nucleophilic aromatic substitution
Suzuki-Miyaura coupling 1
Suzuki-Miyaura coupling 2
Synthesis of acetylcoumarin
Synthesis of aminopyrazole
Synthesis of benzimidazole
Technical evaluation: parallel vs. sequential scale-up

Solids / Gases

Gaseous reagents: application of CO and ethylene

Inert Gas Atmosphere in Microwave Reactors

Solids in Microwave Reactors?

Transformations Utilizing Silicon Carbide

Applications of the silicon carbide vessel
Parallel synthesis at its best - bioanalytics, screening and library generation in SiC microtiter plates


Temperature Monitoring - Detective Monowave 300 reveals the truth!
Pharmaceutical Applications: Fight with Microwaves Against Diseases
Radiochemical labeling

Biofuels and Extraction

Biofuels: Extraction and transesterification in a single step

Biofuels: Extraction and synthesis of fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs)

Biofuels: Hydrothermal conversion of carbohydrates

Extraction and quantification of diterpenes from green coffee oil

Extraction of additives from polymers